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Breathe life into tired old grout

Bathroom before Grout Colour Seal What is Colour Sealing?

The Grout Colour Sealing service provided by  Professional TILE Restoration is designed specially to re-enhance your old, shabby and unhygienic grout to being newly refurbished and environmentally safe for all.  The grout will look as if you have just renovated the area!!!  Your tiles will appear NEW and CLEAN again just like the first time you installed them, once our work is complete.  We are capable of providing your tiles the new look by changing the grout colour of your existing tiles at a minimal cost.  No more worries of large expenses incurred with massive renovations!!  You will save a lot more with us!

Bathroom after Grout Colour SealGrout Colour Sealing benefits:

We guarantee our Colour Sealing work for 15 years.

Free on-site consultation and quotations.

No need to replace that expensive tiled floor or Grout.

Get Rid Of Dirty Grout Lines Forever

Colour Sealing – revive, renew, protect

Grout is a very porous surface absorbing moisture dirt, grease and bacteria.

A permanent solution not to be confused with other clear stains and grout paints is grout colour sealing on floors and walls in kitchens, bathrooms and much more not only does it change the colour but your grout will also be sealed.

The Advantages of having Grout Colour Sealing

 Making your grout look clean, hygienic as if you have just installed new tiles

Grout Colour Sealing is very much cheaper than renovating!!

Our Colour Sealing is done with uniformity and consistency throughout the area Clean and Professional finish

 Easy maintenance and avoid the backache from drastic scrubbing!

We can also mix and match the colours to suit your taste!

Guaranteed 15 years of wear and tear

 We cater to all areas of the exterior and interior of your office or home

 Our service on Grout Colour Sealing usually takes only ONE day!!!

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