Vinyl-Linoleum Floor Cleaning & Sealing

  1. Vinyl / Linoleum Floor Cleaning & Sealing

We will transform your lifeless and faded vinyl and lino flooring to its original vinyl are a composite of a variety of materials. True vinyl, thermoplastic and linoleum are very common. Its versatility and durability makes it popularly used everywhere.  All vinyl tiles have smooth surface with high resistance to water and is easily polished to a mirror like state.  Specific care is warranted to protect the surface.  It is very difficult to clean if the surface is scratched by heavy foot traffic. Cleaning may be deemed impossible if the wear and tear is great.  It is therefore vital to maintain the flooring from the beginning of installation.

The different types of plastic flooring are vinyl and linoleum.  They are popularly used in shopping complexes, nursing homes, kitchens and laundry areas.  Vinyl is very much used in heavy traffic areas due to its easy maintenance.

  1. What excatly is Vinyl

Vinyl floors have many categories.  Linoleum evolves into vinyl.  They are a combination of cork powder, dust wood, pigments and binding agents.  This combination is then pressed into sheets of vinyl.  A transparent wear and tear resistant layer seals the vinyl underneath.  This provides the variety of finishing either matte or shiny.  Vinyl is popular in demand due to its characteristic of durability and affordability.  It has a powerful appeal to the eye.  Vinyl tiles come in a variety of colour and patterns.  Vinyl flooring is capable of mimicking any forms of other flooring.

  1. What excatly is Linoleum

Linoleum flooring is also called “Lino”.  It was patented in 1863.  The name originates from the main ingredient that forms it.  Solidified linseed oil is boiled and combined with molten resin, powdered cork, dust wood, fine limestone and other natural materials. This combination forms sheets of lino when heat and pressure is applied to it.  Original linoleum is durable and strengthens with age.  This is because the linseed hardens as it gets oxidized with time.

  1. Cleaning & Sealing Vinyl & Linoleum Floors

Our expert service and in-depth knowledge will enable you to increase the aesthetic value of lino flooring Our restoration service includes thorough cleaning, detailed polishing of all vinyl and linoleum floors for durability.  We only use state of the art equipment along with expertise to attain this durability and protection to your flooring.  Linoleum and vinyl flooring will look shiny and clean again.  Call us and you will know why.  Our services only use non-toxic cleaning agents that are both environmentally harmless to your floor and your family.  We do not use health hazardous products in our services Polishing the surface of the vinyl or linoleum prevents the penetration and staining of such flooring.  These procedures should be repeated regularly.  Most companies recommend at least an annual service.  We highly recommend that polishing be done twice yearly.  The polishing procedure includes stripping off previous polish and applying a new coat.  Dry buffing is done to then achieve optimal shine, gloss and durability of your flooring.  Buffing is not a constant necessity. It is the only solution to get rid of stubborn stains, burns and scratches.  It is important to note that a newly stripped floor needs a minimal of 3 layers of polish to attain superior gloss and protection for your flooring.

Lack of maintenance pose a high risk to your flooring being easily stained and damaged.  Proper maintenance guarantees constant shine and protection against stain and damage.   Polished linoleum and vinyl floors require regular maintenance to maintain its lustre. An appropriate maintenance regime will include stripping and repolishing of the floors to be done at least once annually.  Once your floor looks lifeless it is time for cleaning to take place.

It is important to avoid pouring polishing agents on the linoleum and vinyl floors.  This may cause uneven gloss and streaking.  Appropriate cleaning applicator pads are vital.  Remember to wring the pad dry before mopping.  It is important to note that repeated rubbing may scratch the floors.  A number of polishes are to be applied to enhance your floor with the shiny and glossy finish.  Sufficient drying time is important especially in humid weather. Almost one hour of drying is sufficient depending on the type of polish used.  Do not walk on the polished floors for at least two hours to gain optimal protection of the floor, while 24 to 48 hours is needed to attain ultimate durability.

The service we render includes:  pre-cleaning, buffing, applying appropriate polish guides to maintain the enhanced look of your floors.

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